Raves for Unsinkable Women

"I am remembering with delight your splendid presentation at last year's November Gala and often still hear enthusiastic comments from others about that very special evening. it is evident that thoughts of your myriad gifts continue to warm--and inform--many hearts.  Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your performance is counted among the best ever by your Evansville Museum audience."   John W. Streetman III, Director Emeritus, Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science

“An accomplished New York actress....Fresh and innovative...Peppering the piece with cleverly observed characterizations, her territory was the world of human aspiration and survival,Templin's Titanic was a meticulously detailed visual display that rested lightly on delightful musical interludes which ranged from vaudeville to the light operatic.Using different accents, ingenious hair extensions and clever costume changes, she deftly brought her characters to life. Templin kept her head above water throughout and, delivered a mesmerizing stage show that proved to be a veritable tour- de force.”   John Fisher www.jewishtelegraph.com

"She is an incredible actress and singer...I highly recommend her...She is terrific!"  Anne Black, Executive Director, Texas A & M University, College Station Texas

" not only educational, but funny, poignant and very entertaining. She sings, dances and acts like nobody's business. What a treat!" Julie Potter Eshelman, Parent, Bloomfield, New Jersey

"Templin had an audience spellbound " Robert Marchant, The Westchester Journal News

"Dazzling and Delightful!"   Glennie, Editor, McLeod County Chronicle

"Ms. Templin breathed life into eight remarkable and 'unsinkable' women... like Eleanor Widener, Madeleine Astor, and Molly Brown, ... unique individuals with their own story to tell ... Templin gave them  voice ..." Kevin Johnson, Glencoe Enterprise

"With this vibrant and engaging piece of intimate theatre, Deborah Jean Templin has captured a vital snapshot of social and musical history. Unsinkable Women reveals the ambition and tragedy of the Titanic in a way that no other vehicle has. It should not be missed!"    Dr. Ken Cerniglia, Dramaturg & Literary Manager, Disney Theatrical Productions

"UNSINKABLE WOMEN is a unique and powerful one-woman show headed by the versatile and gifted Deborah Jean Templin. Based on the lives of seven different women who were survivors of the sinking of the Titanic, the evening keeps you riveted and intrigued. Though definitely G rated, there is never a dull moment...excellent entertainment for any member of the family."   Frank Anzalone, Professor, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

"Templin's accounts of their experiences on the night of the disaster and, just as interesing, what happened to them afterward, are tight and vivid."  Douglas J. Keating, The Philadelphia Inquirer. PA

"UNSINKABLE WOMEN was a huge success for us at the Walnut Street Theatre. Audiences loved the piece. Deborah Jean is an extraordinary artist, a sure winner."  Bernard Havard, Artistic Director, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

"A strong script with authentic characters, rich in emotions of all kinds, challenging in thought. The performance is entertaining with touching music and brilliant costumes..Truly 'A Night to Remember.'"  Dr. Darrol Bussler, Minnesota State University, Mankato

"Bold brush strokes, Templin creates a masterpiece of artistry and talent on her journey from the Titanic and back."  Stephanie Briggs, Gustavus Adolphus Weekly, St. Peter, MN

"Wonderfully theatrical and deeply moving...the most affecting version of the Titanic story I have seen."Jim Morgan, Artistic Director, York Theatre Company, New York City